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Some advice for choosing the best friend

Some advice for choosing the best friend

If you have decided to buy a puppy, don‘t be in a hurry and inconsiderate. There are a lot of dogs for sale, but before buying them, make sure that they are healthy and energetic.

Dogs‘ jaw clenching.  Check dog‘s jaw clenching, as 1 and 1,5 month old puppy has teeth. Usually, dogs‘ jaw clenching should be scissor like when upper teeth cover lower teeth.

Psyche. Pay attention how the owner treats his dog and vice verse. It is the main key to find out if the bitch felt stress when it was pregnant or she was treated carefully. This effect and puppy‘s psyche.

Veterinarian. Make a deal with the dog‘s seller that you will take the dog to the veterinarian together. If the findings will be poor, the seller will return the given money and you won‘t buy the dog. In this case you can‘t be indifferent because you are going to buy a living creature and you will have to take care till the end of its life. It is huge responsibility.

Find out about the food that was given to a puppy‘s mother. It is necessary to know as the puppy will be used to this kind of food. You can‘t change its nutrition at once because its digestion system can stop. If you want to change its diet, you should do it gradually.

Taip pat skaitykite:

It is useful to know:

  • The most expensive puppies are 8-10 weeks old;
  • Each breed has its specific health problems – you should be informed and know about that;
  • Don‘t buy a puppy from the pets‘ shop. It is difficult to find out the parents of the puppy there and to get all the answers from the shop assistant;
  • If you really want to buy a dog, take a friend with you, he will help you to get the best one;
  • You should clearly know the specific features of the wanted breed.

This is the best friend of a lifetime, choose it responsibly!

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